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Sharon Ulrich

Minneapolis, MN

Artists bio available upon request

I find inspiration for my paintings from medieval/renaissance portraiture and stories from childhood. I first create a stage upon which my hybrid people position themselves. In the process of painting, they become, and kindly hold their pose for you to view. I didnít write the quotation below and I donít know who did, but it embodies how I feel about creating, or how I feel we could live our lives, and I hope that when someone looks at my art they experience "alchemy". It's what keeps art alive.

" Itís alchemy, the transformation of something of no value or little value into something useful, something beautiful. Honeybees are alchemists. Sewage plant workers are alchemists. Anyone who has ever picked up litter, watered a seed, raised a child, started a business, or strung words together into a meaningful sentence is an alchemist. It is in that core of my basic optimistic nature, in that tiny place where I believe alchemy is true." Unknown

3001 West 50th Street
(at 50th & Xerxes)
click here for directions
Minneapolis, MN 55410
mon-sat 10 to 6
thu 'til 8
sunday 12 to 5