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Katy Kelly Noun

Minneapolis, MN

Artists bio available upon request

I paint with watercolor, acrylic and pastel on Rice paper with wax. Rice paper allows water and paint to do what it does naturally -- flow. My initial process begins by drawing, with ink and wax. I then study light and form while painting with watercolor, acrylic and pastel. I permeate the entire piece with wax to add translucence and intensity. The wax “drawing” controls the bleed of color on the rice paper. This balance between control and total bleed offers great challenges and rewards. The natural tension and fragility between basic elements: water, wax and paper give my work energy. Things emerge naturally and organically, occasionally to my surprise. I paint familiar subjects, figure and still life, with intense color. I use common themes and emotions, to capture the commonality of the human experience. I strive to challenge myself intellectually and as an artist to grow with each new project.

3001 West 50th Street
(at 50th & Xerxes)
click here for directions
Minneapolis, MN 55410
mon-sat 10 to 6
thu 'til 8
sunday 12 to 5