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Kordula Coleman

Minneapolis, MN

Artists bio available upon request

For all my life I have been fascinated by the shape of the human body, and what it can express. Clay is the perfect medium for me to convey this because of its suppleness, which to me makes it feel alive. My work explores the numerous possibilities of showing inner processes by a certain pose or gesture of the body. My pieces are detailed and close to nature. These details, especially of the face, enable me to feel connected with the piece. I have to work on the facial expression of the piece until we “click”. I focus on emotions and subjects that inspire me and make me appreciate life with all its turns, even if some pieces hint at darker states of mind. A sculpture idea often comes to me while listening to music, watching movies, or even just from hearing an evocative phrase or statement. After I’ve sketched a pose, I build my piece from chunks of clay, then hollow it out once leather hard. After the first firing, I apply underglaze colors and then a transparent top glaze, or other partial glazing. After the second firing the piece is finished.

3001 West 50th Street
(at 50th & Xerxes)
click here for directions
Minneapolis, MN 55410
mon-sat 10 to 6
thu 'til 8
sunday 12 to 5