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Kristen Arden

Minneapolis, MN

Artists bio available upon request

After painting and drawing for years I currently work mostly in metal, both fabricating and casting. Metal is an industrial material, however when other elements are introduced to untreated metal - heat, water, or salt, for example - the essence and character of the metal shifts as it begins to take on its own natural and organic life. That process, the patina, plays an important role in my work, so that the metal surfaces inhabit some space between painted surface and organic, natural object. I work in series re-imaging and processing landscape, layered histories, and my relationship to both. Some series deal more with the earth’s landscape and its inner shifting plates, others are processing internal landscape and the shifts that happen there. Process is also an important part of my work and is a constant subtext throughout. The designing and making of the work becomes something of a meditation, a common theme throughout my wall hangings, sculpture, installation and furniture, in part evidenced by a simplicity of line.

3001 West 50th Street
(at 50th & Xerxes)
click here for directions
Minneapolis, MN 55410
mon-sat 10 to 6
thu 'til 8
sunday 12 to 5